Monday, 2 November 2009

SkyLight Project BETA

The BETA version of the SkyLight Project has now been released and is open to new testers. If you haven't allredy signed up you can do so here.

The SkyLight Project has created a fully functional window based operating system (OS) written in JavaScript. The code is compatible with the latest versions of all of the major browsers. Supporting a remote server based file system and using the latest Ajax techniques the SkyLight Project is a demonstration of the future of JavaScript concepts.

The platform has a complete suite of standard controls ranging from text boxes and html editors all the way to color pickers and file save dialogs. The applications avialable in the BETA include an application development studio where you can write and test your own JavaScript applications.

The client side code is written entirely in JavaScript with no use of flash or any other browser plugins. Each Ajaxlet and all controls are individual JavaScript files loaded on demand. The server side code, handling the remote file system and other functionality, is currently written in C#.

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